Systems Experimentalist

This is a post about lean theory using “Running Lean” as a playbook in the day to day operations.  Below is one of many hypothesis being tested.  A Systems Experimentalist at work.

De-risking the competition.


24 guarantee or it is free as the UVP.  This will encourage buyers to go ahead and spend the money, and then hope that it is not delivered in 24 hours.  It is a win-win-lose, I win by getting the sale, they win by getting it for free, I lose by giving it away for free.
A hook has four pieces, Trigger,  Action, Reward, Investment
The 24HR guarantee has not been as successful as one might have hoped.  However, life goes on my friends.
Do not let one misstep stop you from growing.
Move on with the experiments.
Long Live the Truth

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