You are me, I am you


We live in the matrix
It is up to you to figure out how it ticks
Our bodies, but shelters for the hard and software
Organs interlinked, connected to one another
Thrive off one another
Minds connected thru shared beliefs, creating networks around the globe
The law of numbers is but one example
We tap into these morphic fields daily for they are ample
Our grey matter is programmed by our thoughts,
But many have strung it too taut
Those of us that know
Understand our thoughts dictate our actions thus allowing us to tap into the flow
When there, we have no identity
no face
no ego
we are but one with life itself
the very existence that has brought us here off the shelf
An infinite number of ways exist to find this serenity
For all one has to do is peer inside to dismantle the complexity
Do not forget that this is the Matrix
Do not allow your mind the chance to play tricks
What you think becomes reality
You choose the foreman to employ
Your inputs create the outputs
Positive begets positive
Thoughts dictate the future
Its your turn now
For none of this has ever mattered,
Nothing but clouds passing by.

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