Systems Experimentalist: Fogg


Today, ladys and gents, it is Friday, May 19th, of 2017.  And what a beautiful day it is.


We will be experimenting with many different facets in the lab on this lovely Friday.


We shall start with testing the pricing model of this current venture with something that the industry has not yet seen, a subscription based model instead of a front-end purchase.


Normally, people pay hundreds of dollars for the service I am offering and then use it for the time that they need.  Yet, I have had very little traction to motivate people to spend these said hundred dollars.  Smart, they are young padawan!

Scarcity, pride, love, duty, the motivators I have found from Collier and Cialdini have not had the bump they need.  So, a new tactic will be implemented from Mr. BJ Fogg.

The man himself teaches us about behavioral economics.  A fun new field on why we do the things we do.

Quick summary of what BJ has to say, There are three pieces to behavior.  First, we have the trigger.  It is raining outside so I might need an umbrella. Next, we have the motivation.  Wow… it is raining really really hard so I definitely need an umbrella. Finally, we have the ability.  Damn, my awesome samurai sword looking umbrella is in the trunk of my car.. which is four blocks down the street from the gym.. looks like I am going to get a relaxing cold water shower on Nature’s bill today. Lucky me!

So, now that we understand the core of what BJ has found; trigger, motivation, ability. We can now move on to how I plan to experiment with it in my current venture.  As mentioned earlier, people normally pay up front for this service, about $400 per activity. But, I, being the rebellious chanticleer that I am, believe this is not the best way to win people over.  So, I am going to introduce a monthly payment plan at just $25 per month. Once, they are done with the service they can cancel that plan and they are done.  If they only need it for one month great, $25 for you, four months would be $100.  No matter what, they are receiving the service at a huge discount, through a new supply chain.. that being the payment system.  Which is creating clusters from an innovative new product and service.

I digress into other theories.  By increasing the ability, cutting the cost, I believe that people will be more inclined to give this new technology a shot.  Needing help to reach more customers, increase visibility, and the likelihood that consumers will use their company instead of the competition will be the trigger.  Which both tie into the motivation, that they want their business to be booming and not have to spend much money doing so.

I will get into more of the latter stuff, what Michael Porter calls “Customer Shared Value,” in a later post. I plan to dig into what Porter has to brought to the table and how it could help you to tweak your own systems.  It is a paradigm that I have been seeing the world through since I first learned about it, and Drucker spoke of it so many years ago yet it went unheard. This CSV is a way to truly differentiate what it is that you do for society versus the nonsense idea of Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR.

Bake your love into your business, CSV.  Don’t toss a few cookies in your lovers way like CSR proposes.

Cheers to you all Ladys and Gents!

Much love.



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