Create, do, and see

What others cannot or will not



Being A Leaf

Like a beam of light you were once all that I could see.

Without a moments past you are now leaving me.

The highs that you have once brought have been replaced with lows deeper than that of the sea.

Thank you for your love, for you have shown me what it truly means to be a part of this magnificent tree.

One Day You Will See

It feels as if you put on a new pair of glasses,

The pair that have seen so many passes,

You turn the corner and hit the light switch,

only seen by a small niche.

Only to find you have found a new perspective,

Life, itself, has changed and seems only elective.

With our new light on illuminating our way,

You come to learn how to love each and everyday.
We now see how precious this gift is truly worth,

To be a part of this beautiful place that we call Earth,

You now see that it all falls together,

Something that has been going on forever, and ever,

Very obvious is the connection between the many crossing the street,

Similar to how we have two rows of teeth.

To go against this is to go against Nature,

Our beautiful love that is the true Creator.