When you have seen

the day of light and

the dark of the night

we come to learn fear is nothing but a fleeting sprite

for you know what you know

and we know who we are

the body,

merely a car

a vehicle,

to learn the lessons from afar.




You are the flower,

the source,

the creator,

the manisfestation of power.

do not be decieved

by the seconds,

minutes and hours.

cycles keep spinning no matter who it is that is winning.

relinquish the small throne

then move beyond the known.

Step into the Void

Step into the Void
where life is love
and love is life
the truth is in your breath
forever fighting the everlasting death
we’re always dancing on the edge of a knife
flying with the divinity of a dove in the night
step into the Void
cause this body is only a glove, to be discarded when the time is right
but do not lose your pace
or forget this journey will leave you without a trace
just keep swinging like the door
while keeping your feet on the floor
cause one day we will all be no more
so step into the Void
for you were never given a chance
enjoy this one, and everlasting  dance.